Benedikte Ugland is a photographer and designer with a Bachelor´s degree in design from London´s Central Saint Martins, one of the world's leading arts and design institutions. Born and raised in the Norwegian countryside, she now lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Since 1999, she has been an independent photographer for magazines and newspapers, as well as for design and advertising agencies. She has also contributed to a number of art projects. Benedikte has had many one-man exhibitions at home and abroad and has won several photography awards.

She has also worked with filmmaking, and in 2006 Benedikte Ugland did her first short film in cooperation with the well known Norwegian artist Elisabeth Werp, shown in museums such as the Stenersen Museum in Oslo.

Driven by her strong passion for interior, she was one of the founders of the well-known Stockholm interior store, Karaktär. Benedikte and co-founder Linda Ström designed and styled several homes and offices in Stockholm and abroad.

In the Fall of 2011 and Spring of 2012, she worked as a TV host and interior designer in the Swedish TV show "Äntligen Hemma", a show produced by TV4 with about 850 000 viewers.

Many people have asked Benedikte how she can combine photography and interior? To her, this seems a strange question.

" I´m a creative person, and of course a workahollic who just loves what I do, and I do it with my heart. I wouldn´t be content if I wasn´t able to pursue both."

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